Inga Lizdenyte

Inga Lizdenyte

I want to say that I absolutely LOVE my Foldawheel. I’ve purchased it nearly 1.5 years ago. I lost both of my legs in a car accident, and my left arm was paralyzed as well. It’s very challenging to move in a manual wheelchair using only one arm.

The package arrived very quickly from Malaysia. It’s very easy to put together, and the wheelchair is very light. The Foldawheel folds in few seconds and can be easily put in the regular vehicle’s trunk. We even were able to pack it in a suitcase when we were flying on a cruise vacation!

Also, the company’s customer service is wonderful. When the wheelchair had some technical issues, the company shipped the new parts and it arrived very quickly. I highly recommend obtaining the Foldawheel wheelchair in this company. I already have traveled with this wheelchair within the USA and Caribbean islands, and we had no problems with it. The biggest surprise was that this wheelchair moved even on a white beach sand!

This wheelchair has made my life so much easier.

Product: Foldawheel PW-1000XL

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