Manual Series 手動輪椅

Our collection of manual wheelchairs are very special compare to the normal wheelchairs in the market. Models that we have are all very lightweight and compact, which is convenient for traveling and moving around with cars.

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    MW-150 輕型6輪輪椅

    別讓笨重的車輪限制了您的自由: MW-150輕型輪椅有2個可快速拆卸的大輪胎以及4個小輪胎來應付動狹的小空間。

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    MW-190 斜躺附頭枕手動輪椅

      • 全鋁合金結構設計,重量只有17.9公斤。拆卸大後輪、腳架和扶手後只有12.1公斤方便手提運輸。
      • 24″的後輪可以快速分離,靠背可以摺疊和拆卸腳架,變得更小巧而節省空間,容易放進車廂,乘撘公共交通也變得輕鬆自在。
      • 座位深度,頭枕和靠背都可以調節。
      • 靠背和坐墊套可隨時拆卸及清洗。
      • 靠背可以進行4個階段的調節,讓使用者更加舒適。
      • 扶手可升高和拆卸,使用者更容易轉移位置或靠近餐桌。
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    MW-73RT Rollator 步行輔助車

    MW-73RT, at 7.3 kg (16 lbs)  is the lightest and most compact rollator in the world. It can be folded and fit into it's storage bag provided. Small enough to carry as a airplane carryon (no more losing or damaging your rollator when you travel!) Unique oval frame design, which is sleek and modern compared to most rollators on the market.


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