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    MW-150 輕型6輪輪椅

    別讓笨重的車輪限制了您的自由: MW-150輕型輪椅有2個可快速拆卸的大輪胎以及4個小輪胎來應付動狹的小空間。

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    MW-73RT Rollator 步行輔助車

    MW-73RT, at 7.3 kg (16 lbs)  is the lightest and most compact rollator in the world. It can be folded and fit into it's storage bag provided. Small enough to carry as a airplane carryon (no more losing or damaging your rollator when you travel!) Unique oval frame design, which is sleek and modern compared to most rollators on the market.


    $2,680 $2,480