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ATTO Sport is the “Sports Car” of mobility scooters. It has many outstanding features that no other mobility scooters can provide. The stylish look of it definitely attracts lots of attention along the way you drive.

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ATTO Sport

The Premium Mobility Scooter For many years, the Moving Life ATTO has been one of the best-selling foldable mobility scooters. It is known to equip with all the unique features that most mobility scooters or elderly scooters don’t have. The innovative Moving Life has recently developed a new generation of this fantastic scooter – the ATTO Sport. This new model has all of the valuable features of the original ATTO; it also has many extra enhancements to ensure it stands out from the crowd. Users described it as the “Sports Car” of the mobility scooters; as a result, the ATTO Sport should undoubtedly turn heads on your journey.

Unique features of ATTO Sport vs. standard ATTO:
  • Sporty PU leather seating and hand grips.
  • Cruise Control with an upgraded top speed of 10KM/hr.
  • Puncture-proof “shock-absorbing” NPT airless compound tires.
  • Smart-looking front headlights and rear lights for more safety night out time.
  • To add safety, there is a powerful front disc brake for extra stopping power during emergencies.
  • Other new features include an anti-theft wireless locking key, a clear LCD display, and powerful lights front and rear.
  • A convenient USB charging port positioned high up on the tiller gives you the convenience of mobile devices charging while on the move.
ATTO Sport definitely has the following features of a standard ATTO:
  • You may split the ATTO apart for easy transportation or storage, and the heaviest section weighs just 17.5 kg.
  • Foldable into suitcase mode or trolley mode, so you can tow it along behind you.
  • You can leave the ATTO in your vehicle and remove the battery for charging separately.
  • ATTO is the only mobility scooter approved by most airlines for cabin storage.
  • The driving range is up to 20 KM between charges.
  • There are many accessories that you can add to this stylish ATTO.

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